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The MPA platform is a general publication dedicated to the education of investors and online stock traders; an information service only. The information provided herein is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell stocks of any kind. Stocks mentioned are not to be considered a recommendation to buy any stock but to aid the investor in making an informed decision based on technical and fundamental analysis. It is possible at this or some subsequent date, the editors and staff of Minervini Private Access, LLC (MPA) and Minervinipa.com may or may not own, buy or sell stocks presented, and may trade differently or in stark contrast to rankings or advise given. Our online investment newsletter sends out the same identical information to all subscribers. We DO NOT customize or tailor recommendations or advice to meet the individual goals and circumstances of any one subscriber. We are NOT investment advisors or financial planners. 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Contrary to what is written or communicated here in this publication, all references to "Buy" "Sell" "Buy Alert" "Sell Alert" "Sell Short" "Buy to Cover" or the like, including any comments, commentary or recommendations with regard to stocks or the financial markets should not be construed as a recommendation or advice that you in fact should buy the securities or take any particular course of action, as it is a mere form of expression on the writers part. ALL TERMS, COMMENTARY AND RANKINGS POSTED ON THE MPA PLATFORM INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO BUY NOW, SELL NOW, SET BUY STOP, BUY ALERT, BREAKOUT ALERT, SET STOP LOSS, BUMP, REDUCE, POTENTIAL BREAKOUT, ETC. DO NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT MARK MINERVINI AND/OR HIS PARTNERS/AFFILIATE, ETC. ARE INDEED BUYING OR SELLING THE SAME SHARES OR BUYING OR SELLING THEM AT THE SAME TIME AND PRICE AS RECOMMENDED OR MENTIONED. MARK MINERVINI AND/OR HIS AFFILIATES/PARTNERS, ETC. MAY OR MAY NOT PLACE ACTUAL TRADES OR MAY TRADE CONTRARY TO RANKINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS POSTED OR AHEAD OR AFTER RANKINGS ARE POSTED. A RECOMMENDATION COULD REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING OR PURELY HYPOTHETICAL TRADING; THERE WILL NOTHING POSTED TO INDICATE THE DIFFERENCE OR WHICH IS OCCURRING. THE MPA PLATFORM IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. YOU SHOULD NOT ASSUME YOU ARE TRADING THE SAME SHARES AT THE SAME TIME AS MARK MINERVINI. BUY, SELL AND STOP LOSS PRICES ARE MERELY SUGGESTED LEVELS, NOT ACTUAL RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVICE OR A REFLECTION OF ACTUAL TRADING AND MAY BE IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH ANY ACTUAL TRADING THAT MAY TAKE PLACE. REFERENCES MADE TO "CLOSED POSITIONS" OR "TRADING STATISTICS" MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL POSITIONS THAT WERE TRADED BUT OFTEN JUST A RECORD OF RECOMMENDATIONS THAT WERE POSTED ON THE PLATFORM AND MENTIONED AS BUYS AND SELLS. AT TIMES, MARK MINERVINI WILL HOLD MORE OR LESS POSITIONS THAN INDICATED AS OPEN POSITIONS. OPEN POSITIONS OR ANY MODEL PORTFOLIOS TRADES ARE NOT A REFLECTION OF AN ACTUAL TRADING ACCOUNT TRADED BY MARK MINERVINI. AT TIMES MARK MINERVINI MAY USE TERMS LIKE "I/OR WE BOUGHT" OR "I/OR WE SOLD." THOSE TERMS MAY NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL BUYS AND SELLS BUT SIMPLY A REFFERENCE TO THE DATES AND TIMES STOCKS WERE MENTIONED AND HIGHLIGHTED ON THE MPA PLATFORM. The Information that will be provided in this website newsletter/delivery platform is not to be relied upon for your investment decision. Your decision to buy any securities is as a result your own free will and your own research. Buys and sells and advice posted on this platform does not necessarily mean Mark Minervini is taking the same positions for his own account and may or may not represent actual trades taken by Mark Minervini or his staff. Minervini Private Access, LLC may also manage investment accounts that use our rankings and recommendations in Minervini Private Access as part of their investment strategies. These accounts, as well as the officers, directors, employees and affiliates of Minervini Private Access, LLC, may dispose of a security notwithstanding the fact that Minervini Private Access ranks the issuer favorably; conversely, such accounts or persons may purchase or hold a security that is poorly ranked by Minervini Private Access. Subscribers to Minervini Private Access and its related publications will have access to our services and information as published at our discretion. At the same time, Minervini Private Access, LLC and its Officers, Affiliates and Employees may receive reports providing ranking information. Minervini Private Access, LLC and its Officers, Affiliates and Employees also may have access to publicly available information that may ultimately result in or influence a change in rankings or recommendations, such as earnings releases, changes in market value or disclosure of corporate transactions. 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